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Lava by MikailMaddixx Lava :iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 1 0 Regulator by MikailMaddixx Regulator :iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 0 0 Late by MikailMaddixx Late :iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 0 0 Hands by MikailMaddixx Hands :iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 0 1 Melancholia by MikailMaddixx Melancholia :iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 1 0 Clockwork by MikailMaddixx Clockwork :iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 0 0
The End Of Jack
He’s looking right at me. He knows he’s guilty but there’s this nonchalant, smartass look on his face that just sends me into a fury.
Wait a second, is that a smirk on his face? It better not be.
The room around him, my room, is a battlefield of belongings strewn about carelessly. My clothes are all torn from their drawers, which hang open and falling from the cheap wooden dresser, and scattered across the floor. There’s a wetness to some of them which I can only pray is water –I pray for his sake of course –and as I see this I also notice the overflowing toilet. Ah the old towel trick: stuffing and flushing. I remember when I used to do that. Classic.
Jack’s only upset because he’s grounded –bad grades and the like –and this is his way of getting back at me, I suppose. He wants to “show me who’s boss”. Unfortunately for him, I am the overlord here and now he’s gone and made the boss angry
:iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 1 0
Needle's Lament
Ancient oak with cherry stain polished to shine like its glass,
Twelve gleaming gold spots against an ivory face.
A flaw, a crack in the corner of the glass,
Splinters my emaciated reflection.
I sink, lethargic, into the crimson armchair
And watch the steady, heavy swing of the pendulum.
Tick. The needlepoint seems not to move, lets mass move around it instead.
It will not leave just because time says it must. Neither will I.
Tick. The pendulum is the oppressive master, damnable keeper of time.
The malicious rhythm taunts the needle, seizing its life like a reaper.
Tick. Needle obeys, promises to keep up with the steady one-two,
Prays to the pendulum to be never forgotten.
Tick. The new hour weeps for the one before it,
Mourning the fallen, for its death was needless.
Tick. This was inevitable, a cycle doomed to repeat
In the never-ending, ultimate loop of time.
Tock. The crack splinters out over the glass,
An olympian spider web woven in perfe
:iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 1 2
Through Nose-Riders
Pedestrian feet beat quickly against the sidewalk
And I watch, discreetly, their stories unfold –
She wears a silver cross on her neck,
Clutching it nervously in wrinkled hands
And looking at all in discomfort,
Seeing the sin that seethes from everyone.
A minister’s wife itching
To force her ideals of deliverance
On everyone who doesn’t want them.
He adjusts his tie calmly, collected,
Glasses poised precisely on the bridge of his nose
So that he may seem put together.
A façade, for he’s a businessman,
Torn between belief and truth,
A pawn of prosperity without a care for humanity.
She pushes her babies in a double-stroller,
Exhaustion written in the bags of her eyes
And the deep creases of her frown.
A single mother working two jobs too many,
Abandoned by a cheating ex-husband
Who doesn’t know the meaning of child-support.
He plugs in his earphones and walks
With a delinquent swagger, begging
For the attention he doesn’t get at home.
A trouble
:iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 1 0
My Retribution
Cruel words and white powder sift through the nose,
Wicked tongue both culprit and solution.
Scream out all the hatred and resolve woes.
Aunt loathed God for taking the baby, chose
Melancholy, damning absolution.
Cruel words and white powder sift through her nose.
Mother abhorred me, for her goals I froze;
I was the reason, her life’s pollution.
Scream out all the hatred and resolve woes.
Father betrayed us and chose to expose
His truth, ill; he wanted dissolution.
Cruel words and white powder sift through his nose.
Unloved, unwelcome, one of the off crows
I am to them. They need retribution.
Cruel words and white powder sift through their nose.
Scream out all my hatred and resolve woes.
:iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 2 1
Separate but the same.
Photographs yellow with age anchor
Fond memories of letters and coloring books
Shared by me with both of you.
Hollow-cheeked, stricken smile
And red tendrils clinging hopelessly
To a rotting cranium,
That fiery red the last flames of your heart.
Naivety kept that smile looking beautiful
To that oblivious little girl I used to be.
Heavy with emotion, whether joy or misery.
You beamed  around me, wept through phone calls
When we could not be together.
That unexpected, empty but ravishing, cast of you
Drew tears relentlessly from me, caught in my throat,
As it went into the chilled September ground.
Sunflowers at your stone a final respect from me.
Shards of a once-family,
Broken and faithless without you both.
It is your little granddaughter who now,
With the strength of you both,
Holds everything together.
:iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 1 0
Assassins to sheets of ice, the men hack away with their picks, endless hours in the brutal cold: temporal freeze. Shoot the edge through, the hole is big enough. Silence ensues so the wind may lament, carry spirit like worker ants to feed the hive of lost camaraderie coiled within this snowy cradle. Strength in dilating lungs supports each quivering breath, in Russian blood to furiously fight impending cyanosis, so much in the heart that it leaves the appendages freezing and blue like the ice. Lost to snowy ground surrounding, to ice encasing –no restraint against drops which freeze too fast to reach him.
:iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 0 0
Mature content
Solace Ch.3 :iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 0 0
It was goodnight, sweet little angel.
Time to rest your head against the pillow,
Let the night take you in its embrace,
Bundled against its harsh cold
By the warmth of a mother's love.
The smell of lavender coddled your form,
A silent lullaby that hummed you to sleep.
A moonbeam illuminated the cradle,
But you turned away from the light.
The trickery of that cyan satin,
Stole you away from me.
Its facade of gentle waves soothed,
Smothered the life out of you.
God is a cruel entity,
For allowing this atrocity to happen.
Never will I be one of them,
The naive followers,
The ones who turn a blind eye
To the heart-wrenching anguish,
Of those forsaken by Him.
You were a baby,
Here only long enough
To utter a single word,
Your soul was ripped from your body,
Thrown to the heavens
And taken from your loving family.
You were not ready to be sent away,
Sweet little angel.
It was you that He took,
You that gasped for your final breath
Without a soul to help
Because no one knew
That you w
:iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 0 0
One Year's Decay
I remember the horrible whine
Of the sirens outside my window,
When the paramedics came to take her away.
When my baby brother asked where Mommy was,
I couldn't answer.
I remember the way she looked
At me only weeks before,
Like I was a filthy parasite
Eating away at her very flesh and blood.
She told me later it was my fault, that I put her there.
I don't know why I ever believed her.
I also remember the babies,
Poor Tyler, merely months my cousin,
His last breath stolen in the night.
He will never utter another cry,
Or sit and play for hours with me,
The innocence in his smile casting a ray of light.
And Shadow, our ten month puppy,
With shattered skull and pools of blood.
The crimson still stains our asphalt,
Replaying the moment of the crash over,
The poor boy convulsing on the ground, eyes rolling back.
And of course, there is grandfather.
The fall started everything, with its blood stained stairs
And seven stitches in his metal plated head.
Then the stroke, the drooping eyes and
:iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 0 0
Love Triumphs
Harvester of sorrow,
Collector of my dreams,
You have the power here
Where tears fall like rain.
Yet in the eyes of tomorrow,
Your efforts are in vain.
Healing hands will overpower you,
Will mend the hurt dealt by you.
You grow weak at each passing hour,
Begging for the mercy
That you will never receive.
Evil like yours knows no bounds,
But you have over-stepped them.
Kiss the hand of death,
Taker of the soul,
He holds your final fate
In skeletal hands.
Breathe your final breath,
As love, beside you, lands.
:iconmikailmaddixx:MikailMaddixx 0 0

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Okay, so I know it's been a while guys. There's a been a lot going on and I just haven't been able to do much.

Anyway, I'm going to be re-vamping this account a bit. It's going to be all my art except for character related things, and I'm going to upload fanfics and poetry. If anyone wants to read my original stories (aside from yaoi things) they'll be on but not here.
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